Attaleia which means Antalya was founded by Attalos II. In the end of the “Bergama kralı”(133 B.C.) the province became free of rule, but later was run by pirates. General Servilius Isauricus adopted Antalya into Rome in 77 B.C. In 67 B.C. Pompeius obtained his own fleet of ships. In the year 130 Hadrianus’s coming to visit Attaleia helped greatly the advancement of the province. The Byzantine rule was very bad to the province but then Antalya was finally a part of Turkiye, the modernization sped up. The old parts of Antalya were mostly being ignored. The Modern places were being built around the historical buildings. One of the places you can see that is untouched is the old marina. The restoration of parts of the park and Hadrain’s gate is one of Antalya’s greatest historical sites. Attaleia helped greatly in the making of these historical places and immortalizing them, but many of these sites are now unknown due to building over them.
Inside side Kaleiçi large parts of the site was broken down and through the labor of horse s walls were build around the site. Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Seluçklu and Osmanlı all had a part to do with the walls. The wall had 80 tower posts, 3000 red brick roof toped houses are within the walls. The houses don’t just tell us about the constructional history of the time but the life style of the people who inhabited them. In 1972 the inner marina inside Kaleiçi was put under protection of “Gayrimenkul Eski Eserler ve Anıtlar Yüksek Kurulu” as the “SIT bölgesi.” On 28 of April 1984 Because of the Restoration work by the Antalya tourist authority The Golden Apple award was given by International tourism writers association to “Antalya-KaleiçiKompleksi.” Todays Kaleiçi now has Hotels, gift shops, restaurants, bars, and is generally a vacation spot.

Geographical Location:

Antalya has the reginal Akdeniz climate of rainy moist winters and long dry and hot summers.


Antalya has the reginal Akdeniz climate of rainy moist winters and long dry and hot summers.


All forms of travel are available in Antalya, and the airport is open to international air traffic.